Dr. Angie Carter - Women Farmland Owners in Iowa: Navigating Gendered Expectations Over Land Management

Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 3:40pm to 5:00pm

Agricultural land tenure systems concentrate land and power in the control of white men. However, women now own approximately half the nation’s farmland, including in Iowa. These women landowners are underrepresented in research and conservation programming, though we do know that most of their land is rented out to tenant operators who are men. Drawing on in-depth interviews and her research collaboration with Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN), guest speaker Dr. Angie Carter, will discuss how Iowa women farmland owners negotiate and navigate gendered expectations about farmland management and conservation decision-making.

Dr. Carter will join us via Zoom. This presentation is open to all students, staff and faculty interested in learning more about women in the agriculture and food system.

Dr. Angie Carter is Assistant Professor of Environmental & Energy Justice, Department of Social Sciences, Michigan Technological University. Dr. Carter graduated from ISU in 2015 with a PhD in Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture. More info on Dr. Carter can be found at: http://www.angielcarter.com

Sponsor: Soc 350X: Women in the Agriculture and Food System

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