Financial Support


All admitted applicants will be financially supported by a 9 or 12-month graduate assistantship throughout their tenure in the program. Assistantships are through faculty-supported research grants (research assistantships) and/or departments (teaching assistantships). Assistantships pay a monthly stipend, include a tuition scholarship (100% PhD, 50% MS), and provide health insurance at no charge. Tuition balances are calculated at the Iowa resident rate regardless of residency. Assistantships are identified by the nominating faculty member during the admission process. When contacting faculty members, applicants should inquire about the availability of assistantships.

Additionally, all nominated applicants will be considered for a Sustainable Agriculture Fellowship, which provides assistantship support equivalent to a 1/4-time appointment for 9 or 12-months. Current Iowa State graduate students are not eligible. Awards are based on a competitive review of academic credentials.

Additional information on graduate assistantships, tuition and fees, and health insurance is available on the Graduate College website.

Further financial support opportunities are available from other programs.