Emily Zimmerman

PhD Student
Emily Zimmerman

Advisers:  Lisa Schulte-Moore, John Tyndall

My current research interests are focused at the intersection of conservation and the production of food, fuel and fiber. Broadly, I am curious about the relationship between agricultural landscapes and the natural environment. More specifically, I am interested in a landscape-level, systems approach to quantitatively and qualitatively understanding the relationship between land use and ecosystem services in multifunctional agricultural landscapes. In addition to understanding the biophysical science of these landscape-level relationships, I am in engaged in examining how ecosystem services in multifunctional agricultural landscapes can be valued through social and economic frameworks to engage stakeholders and encourage effective conservation practices. I am presently working on a project that seeks to develop a Payment for Ecosystem Services scheme for the Big Creek Watershed in central Iowa.

Area of Expertise: 
Sustainable Agriculture
259 Horticulture, 2206 Osborn Dr