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Frequently Asked Questions

Letters of Recommendation

Q: How will my recommenders be notified?

A: After you submit your application, your recommenders will receive an email notification from the Office of Admissions with instructions for submitting their recommendation through the application system.

Q: Where should letters of recommendation be sent?

A: Letters of recommendation should be submitted through the application system. Recommenders should not send letters directly to the program.


Q: Where should institutions send electronic transcripts?


Q: Why won't the application system accept my electronic transcript?

A: Electronic transcripts can't be uploaded directly as the electronic signature is encrypted. You will need to print a copy, scan it, and then upload.

Q: Are official transcripts required?

A: Official transcripts are required by the university upon admission. However, unofficial transcripts will be accepted for program review purposes.

NOTE for students from India: We require semester or annual marksheets. College-issued mark sheets will only be accepted from autonomous colleges. Consolidated mark sheets are not accepted unless all attempts, retakes, and failures are included. Degree Statements must be issued and certified by the granting university, not the college. When uploading marksheets to your application account, select “Transcripts” not “Exams.”  

Academic records should be in the official language of the country in which they were earned. If that is not English, an English language translation should be uploaded in addition to the official foreign language academic record. We will accept literal (not interpretative) English translations from any qualified translator.

Q: Are three year degrees accepted?

A: 3-year degrees from India, Bangladesh, Canada (excluding Quebec), Nepal, and Pakistan are not accepted. 3-year degrees from other countries are reviewed on an individual basis. 


Q: Do you require the general GRE score in order to be considered for admission?

A: No. The GRE score is no longer required by the SUSAG program.